Repurpose holiday leftovers

Repurpose holiday leftovers in 30 minutes

Repurpose holiday leftovers

Tasty turkey freezer meals make a quick supper on a busy weeknight

Repurpose holiday leftovers

Hi! Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, the cooking and preparation, the big meal with family. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. What I don’t love is dealing with all the leftovers and unpacking the fridge and cleaning up. ugh. So, as I was procrastinating on the couch Friday I decided to give myself a time limit, just for fun. (I know, that’s a sad kind of fun) My goal, repurpose holiday leftovers in 30 minutes.

Already I knew that I wanted to pack freezer meals. I made a bunch last year for my son and he just loved them! I usually made a soup as well. That will be where I start.

Okay, ready set go!

It was 2:17pm precisely, and I started to unload the tupperware and questionable packs of partially used ingredients from the fridge. First step was to take a survey of what was there. Followed by lining up the leftover dishes and opening them all up. I laid out 4 freezer boxes to make my meals.

Freezer meals a packin’

Start layering the turkey slices as that is the important protein. Next, the mashed potatoes as that is one of TQ’s favorites and he’d be bummed if that wasn’t there. In an effort to make them slightly different I changed up the next few ingredients. A couple of the boxes got GF stuffing and a couple got veggie tots. (TQ said about the tots “these are the bomb Mom! and I can eat them all day!”) Side note: post about the veggie tots coming soon. Every box got some green beans – got have our green veg right!

Repurpose holiday leftovers

Leftover turkey meals ready

Final touches

I purposely layered the turkey in a corner, leaving a little space for the all important cranberry sauce. This is TQ’s most favorite part of Thanksgiving! Every year I ask him what he’d like and this is the first thing out of his mouth. Surprisingly, this heats up really well! I think it’s also a good way to keep the turkey moist when reheating. I do recommend it! Leftover gravy is carefully layered in a little crater I made with a spoon in the potatoes. I also drizzled gravy on the stuffing to keep that moist as well. The final touch is a sprinkling of leftover green herbs for a nice pop of color and freshness. I used green onion tops and parsley. Voila! Finished.

Close up the lids, label and make room in the freezer.

turkey freezer meals

Meals ready for freezer

Because everything was out, I just went ahead and put the turkey in a big stock pot with the extra leftover veggies, herbs, broth and gravy. Turkey soup ready to simmer away. Dinner for later this week? Or perhaps another freezer ready meal.

Mark the time 2:52pm! Woohoo – Just a little over my 30 minute goal but I’m happy with my cleared out reorganized fridge…. Can’t say so much for the dirty dishes… sigh.

Pile O' dishes now waiting

Pile O’ dishes now waiting

Repurpose holiday leftovers

Looks yummy right!