My gluten free diet is seriously lacking fiber!

Gluten free diet seriously lacking fiber

Gluten free diet seriously lacking fiber

Hi! Hope everyone is having a good day!  So, I just released my R U Fueled app – a nutrition tracker inspired my my kiddos. One being on a food restricted diet (gluten free, fructose malabsorption and food allergies) while the other is just super picky. My first insight: the gluten free diet is seriously lacking in fiber! Not big news, but I thought I was doing pretty well! Despite my best efforts to add fiber to our gluten free diet, I learned that it was still not enough.  My son is only getting on average 58% and my daughter is worse…..

Fiber as you probably know is helpful in maintaining weight by adding bulk keeping you full longer. In addition, it improves digestion, helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Finally, of course it helps with your bowel health. Insert the big eye roll from my 13 year old, followed by giggles from obnoxious bathroom humor…. 

Gluten free diet seriously lacking fiber

So, what will our next steps be?

Gluten free sources of fiber include:

Fruits: raspberries, strawberries, apples, banana, fig, prunes

Veggies: broccoli, beets, dark leafy greens like chard, spinach, artichokes

Beans/Legumes: navy, kidney, pinto, garbanzo, lentil

Nuts/seeds: almonds, pistachios, pecan, sunflower seed, flax, chia

Whole grains (GF): quinoa, amaranth, millet, teff, brown rice


Navigating food allergies is another challenge. Let’s pick a few allergy friendly AND FODMAP (safe for fructose malabsorption and IBS) sources from each category:

Fruits: Kiwi, berries

Veggies: broccoli, baby kale

Beans/legumes:  mung beans (Korean pancakes this week!)

Nut/seeds: pepitas, sunflower seeds

Whole grains (GF): teff, buckwheat, psyllium fiber

This week I’ll add more of these to our diet to see if we can improve our fiber levels and I’ll report back. And I’ll track with R U Fueled – nutrition app. My game plan will be eating a salad every night at dinner. A kiwi for lunch everyday because it’s easy to pack in lunch boxes. The berries I’ll either sprinkle in at breakfast or dinner. I’ll make waffles or pancakes for this week’s breakfast with the teff flour. (These are great make ahead items that can be frozen and then pulled out what you need them every morning). Korean pancakes will be dinner one night. Yum! I’m excited about that – they’re so tasty! And make great leftovers as well. The seeds, what to do with those? Gotta be honest,  seeds are not the kids favorite. I’ll have to get creative. I might try grinding them up and adding them to a cookie – like a seed flour. What do you think? 

Goals for the week

One of my goals is to see if my 13 year old is less hungry during the day. As you can imagine, he eats like a TRex (yes, he might be one of the ones you see on the Facebook videos 🙂 ) But, let’s see if adding more fiber helps. Maybe he’ll just eat like a baby TRex….. Now ,I know that I have to be smart about adding fiber as well… too much and I’ll have both kids in the bathroom all day. So, there that.  Ha! I think the right approach is to try to add it throughout out the week, and not just a day. Anyone else have any ideas? Let me know!

R U Fueled - nutrition tracker

R U Fueled – nutrition tracker