Gluten free eating Walt Disney World, part 2

Eating gluten free Disney World

Eating gluten free at Disney World, part 2

Gluten free eating Disney World, part 2

Hi everyone! In this post, I wanted to focus on our gluten free eating at table service meals and dinner shows. Our adventures took us to HoopDeeDoo Revue, Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show, Tusker House character breakfast and Epcot’s Chefs de France. Note, that I had told the reservation desk and servers about my son being GF prior to arrival. Thankfully, in most cases, there were already suitable replacements on the table for him. Disney does a good job trying to cater to everyone, and for that I’m grateful as it took worry out of the vacation.

Character Breakfast at Tusker House

First, located in the Animal Kingdom, Africa, is the Tusker House character breakfast. Take advantage of this fun brunch buffet, all you can eat, where Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald and Daisy come to visit. We had a birthday that morning so that was a fun surprise for our little birthday boy. There were many choices here for food allergy sufferers (and vegetarians). We ate the scrambled eggs, bacon and ham from the carving station. Additionally, two frittatas were available – potato/leek and ham/cheese which was nice because they weren’t quiches. The potato and leek frittata worked well with TQ’s fructose malabsorption as he can’t eat onions – but leeks are ok. And it was quite tasty!  Most notably, my favorite included baby arugula tomato salad that paired well with smoked salmon. Other tidbits included a sweet potato hash, rice, roasted potatoes, and a chicken curry.

Meeting Mickey at Tusker House

Meeting Mickey at Tusker House

HooDeeDo Revue, a family favorite

Our most entertaining dinner was the HoopDeeDo Revue, located in Fort Wilderness. Perhaps it was nostalgia for my brother, sister and I, or that our kids had a such a good time, or maybe that our father was selected to be the fairy that evening. Anyway, the show was a hoot.

Gluten free eats began with a salad and corn bread. My son could have made a meal just on that! He loved it. In addition, he had an option of grilled chicken or GF tenders but he decided not to eat chicken and stick to bbqued ribs. The ribs were not heavily sauced, and he no trouble later after eating them (speaking only of the fructose malabsorption as bbque sauce is usually out for him) Admittedly, I was a little nervous – didn’t want a sick kid a few hours later. But, all was good! Rounding off the meal included corn, mashed potatoes and baked beans (which he did not eat because of FM)  For dessert, he had just a few strawberries, he was full from the rest of his meal. I believe you can ask for a GF brownie or cookie as well.

Gluten free ribs, veggie, mashed potatoes, corn bread and salad at HoopDeeDoo Review

Gluten free ribs, veggie, mashed potatoes, corn bread and salad at HoopDeeDoo Review

Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show

I just love the Polynesian Hotel, the gardens are gorgeous. It was my grandmother’s favorite, and that makes me smile. But, anyway got a little off track, the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show is located at the Polynesian.  The show features hula dancers and fire throwers (everyone’s favorite).

To begin, there was a large platter of salads, pineapple and soba noodle salad. We were told that everything was gluten free except for the obvious soba salad. My son was brought a warm roll and his own salad to replace the coconut/pineapple rolls the rest were offered. Surprisingly, the entire main course was GF and my son couldn’t have been more excited to have an endless platter of meats and rice. Most noteworthy, his favorite (and mine too) was the pulled pork, shredded, lightly spiced, super tender and juicy. Ribs, roasted chicken and grilled veggies rounded out the meal. For dessert, the server bought him a lovely plate of fruit (pineapple, strawberries and melon) and assorted GF cookies and brownies. It was enough for our table.

Eating gluten free at Disney World

Eating gluten free at Disney World part 2

Epcot’s Chefs de France

Last, but not least, was my son’s most favorite meal while we vacationed. Look for the Eiffel Tower in Epcot and you’ll find Epcot’s Chefs de France. No entertainment here, so the little one’s entertained themselves by coloring. But, it was a nice change and delicious food. Our server was helpful in helping us with selections. He had started a few GF rolls in the warming oven as well. The menu was easy to navigate.

We selected of the Prix-fixe menu. First course, salad of mixed greens, bacon, tomatoes tossed with a light vinaigrette. TQ liked that so much he ate 3 others from his cousins. We both selected the salmon entrée. Additionally, advised to change the white wine sauce to a buerre blanc sauce that was gluten free. The meal was served with roasted veggies and rice. The rice soaked up the extra sauce, which was extra delicious. All of the entree meats are available GF, so there were many options (beef, duck, chicken ect). In some cases,  sauces should be swapped out like we did. And for the little ones, GF chicken tenders are offered.

Finally, crème brulee was the dessert of choice. TQ just LOVES it, and he was looking forward to that indulgence all day. It was nice that there were different GF dessert choices from what we had already experienced. Besides the crème brulee, a variety of sorbets were available and chocolate mousse.

Creme brulee at Epcot’s Chefs de France

Creme brulee at Epcot’s Chefs de France -Yummy!

In conclusion, fun trip, good food and great service. We were very pleased with our gluten free eating Disney World dining adventures and look forward to going back to try new things. What about you? Do you have any adventures you’d like to share? Or any favorite Disney GF meals?




Hi! Welcome and thanks for visiting.

I’m a single mom, busy like we all are – two jobs, two kids, three cats…..(sorry that’s for another blog). My journey began a couple of years ago with my son (TQ) being diagnosed with oral allergy syndrome. If you have to have a food allergy, that’s the one to have! Oral allergy syndrome is a food allergy where the reaction is localized in the mouth or throat. For the most part, it hasn’t been too serious for him. If he accidentally ingests a trigger food, it is treated with an over the counter anti-histamine. (TQ’s oral allergies are raw peas, carrots, pesticides found on berries, tree nuts and celery). More information on oral allergy syndrome is here if anyone is interested – it’s rather fascinating actually. His trigger foods are related to allergies to various tree and grass pollen.

The next symptom which needed to be investigated was TQ’s constant stomach aches.  This brought us on another long journey. Long story, short (a year later…after many Mom’s-intuition diagnoses on the internet ) I made an appointment with a pediatric gastroenterologist. Another 6 months later we had discovered he was lactose intolerant- aced that test with flying colors! He must avoid all milk products. Later scored even higher on the fructose malabsorption test – TQ is the poster child for that!  But, it answered a lot of questions. At the same time, I asked the allergist to repeat a whole panel of allergy tests (it had been a couple of years since the original pollen tests) He ran the full panel and blood work panel to reveal  new allergies to all tree nuts and wheat. Interestingly, peanuts are still ok and I use those a lot in my recipes.

So, there I had all of the answers to what was causing his problems and discomfort – but no real solutions. The doctors’ suggestions are to avoid milk and milk products and stay away from fructose. Hmmmm, easier said than done! The biggest challenge is fructose malabsoption. TQ can’t digest fructose which is naturally found in all fruits and some veggies. It is surprisingly common – yet most people don’t know they have it (think IBS sufferers). More on that later…. But, how frustrating to get the answers with no solutions! I was a fish out of water, how can I cook for this guy? And did I mention I’m a bakery owner…. hehehehe- that just seems like a cruel joke. Just like all of us here, I took to the internet. I researched incessantly.  My work is always in progress, but I sure hope I can help someone else navigate this crazy journey.

As an avid cook, baker and recipe enthusiast, I have a huge collection of recipes. My goal was to make my favorite recipes work with TQ’s new diet. So, most of my recipes are gluten free, lactose free (or I use lactose free cheese) and FODMAP friendly. I am happy to go into more detail regarding any of restrictions if my audience interested. I use little tricks that I’ve learned along the way, and of course, I’m still learning. Most of these recipes are TQ approved – some are even MK approved! MK is my uber picky eater – if I can make a recipe that she eats then I’m sure your whole family will love it! She’s actually my toughest challenge 🙂 Thanks again for visiting and I hope we can learn some things together.

Here’s to our health ~ Karina, TQ and MK