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Scrumptious lettuce wraps (GF)

Hi everyone! This quick and healthy recipe is a family favorite. Not only that, it really is so versatile for so many, low fat, low carb, naturally gluten free, nutritious and safe for fructose malabsorption – a winner. These are my scrumptious chicken lettuce wraps. Mamas like me won’t even feel guilty over indulging on […]

Gluten Free Mung Bean Korean Pancake

Gluten free mung bean Korean pancake it’s whats for dinner! Lately, I’ve been interested in incorporating more plant protein into our diets. Of course, it’s economical, healthy and better for Mother Earth. However, finding a plant based protein that the kids would get on board with is a whole other challenge. My search led me […]

Gluten Free Cheezit Copycat

  The Confession A few weeks back I was looking for my phone charger and the likely suspect would be my son. I searched the house finding nothing, so turned my attention to his room. Well, I didn’t find my phone charger but I did find his bedroom stand filled with snack bags of Cheezits. […]