Food Allergy Snack Bag Ideas

Allergy-friendly snacks when away form home

Allergy-friendly snacks when away form home

One night at dinner, TQ asks: “You’re stuck on a desert island and you have a chance to save one thing, what will it be?” MK thought about it…… deliberated, and came up with something practical as she always does.  However, my quick reply was  “the snack bag!” We laughed…. seriously,  the snack bag really can be our lifesaver! Everyday after school there seems to be something going on…. soccer, volleyball, band practice, Dr. appointments (the list is endless) and of course, the first thing they say when they jump in the car is “I’m hungry.” I always have food-allergy snacks on hand in case we’re away from home for several hours because it can be difficult to just “grab” something on the run with TQ’s restrictions.



Snack bag contents


Skinny pop or other plain flavored popcorn

Homemade chex mix – made with gf corn and rice Chex cereal, gf pretzels, a few chocolate chips, sometimes oat clusters, sunflower or pepita seeds. I change it up with whatever I find in the pantry.

Gluten free pretzels

Gluten free crackers

Daily add-ins:

Greenish banana (not too ripe)

Lactose free cheese cubes

Homemade gf muffin or bread that might be leftover

The not-so-healthy snacks sometimes included depending on the day:

Yellow bag Lay’s potato chips

Plain Frito’s chips

Homemade gf cookie (see my Artful Baker page for sugar cookies)

Sweetarts or Smarties – sometimes used as digestive aid as well

Medicine bag always included with the snack bag:

Pictured below are some of the items that I always have on had in our little med bag. Epipen, zrytec for an allergy flare up, lactaid for unexpected encounter with milk products, FrucosAid for an unexpected encounter with high fructose containing foods, and Smarties for that same reason. Vacation or a longer stint out of town may require other helpful items such as an anti diarrheal medicine, pain reliever, decongestant, band aid, hand sanitizer or wipes.


Vacation is another topic that I could go into more detail. I’ll save those ideas for another day – like how to find appropriate restaurants and how to manage eating away from home. But, if you look closely at my box that I have packed here below you will see that I do have some interesting items.

This box was packed right before we left on vacation for a week. I included microwaveable rice packets for an emergency snack or meal. Beef jerky packets are also helpful in a pinch when it’s hard to stop for a meal. Find one that is not heavily seasoned and nitrate free.  Peanut packs were also included. I know, I know this post is about a food allergy safe bag – however, TQ is not allergic to peanuts, only tree nuts. So, in the case of a longer trip I do include those for a good source of  packable protein. MK will never allow me to pack the peanuts during the school year because she has friends with peanut allergies and she won’t risk getting them sick if they are in our car. (Gotta love that!) I felt I needed to explain my photo. 🙂

Vacation snack/supplement box

Vacation snack/supplement box

I hope this gives some ideas to those newly diagnosed with fructose malabsorption. Perhaps in the future, it will help to discuss some brand names that are working for us. Let me know your thoughts and if you have anything to add! I’m always looking for new ideas.


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