Strawberry/lemon sorbet a fructose malabsorption dessert

Strawberry/lemon sorbet a fructose malabsorption dessert

Strawberry/lemon sorbet a fructose malabsorption dessert

Strawberry/lemon sorbet a fructose malabsorption dessert

Everyone loves the fun summer tradition of visiting the neighborhood ice cream shop and getting a big scoop of a yummy treat. Fructose malabsorption makes that summer pleasure impossible. It can be tough on TQ when his buddies ride to the corner scoop shop for ice cream cones and he can’t participate.  He is a good sport, he brings himself a bag of chips and goes along for the fun. Finding safe fructose malabsorption desserts is a challenge.

Today, I made strawberry lemon sorbet. It’s a straight forward formula which allows you to change the fruit to whatever your preferences are. TQ can eat strawberries, blueberries and raspberries (about a 1/2 cup is a serving size for him) without any trouble. I’ve made a variety of sorbets using those fruits. TQ’s personal favorite is blueberry lemon.

Basic sorbet formula

The formula is this:

1 cup of water

1 cup of powdered dextrose

2 pounds of fruitIMG_3532

Zest* and juice of one lemon (We like it tart, but you certainly use less)

*Lemon zest is pictured on the right, the outer most layer of the peel. It is bright yellow, no white which is bitter. I used a microplane to shave the lemon.



First of all, heat 1 cup of water with the dextrose, in a saucepan until it is boiling and the dextrose is dissolved.



Next, drop the berries into a heavy duty blender. I use a Blendtec  blender which is awesome! It will blend everything, seeds and all! Pour the water/dextrose mixture in as well. Slowly, give the mixture a few pulses to get it going.  I used the “whole juice” (or puree) setting to completely blend the mixture.



In addition, frozen berries were used for this recipe. Technically, it will allow the sorbet to be ready to eat instantly. (of course, a good thing when I have two anxious kiddos waiting) Taste the sorbet, a smidge more lemon may be needed. Pour it into the ice cream machine (I use this one, very easy to use and clean!) and start it. The batch pictured was frozen in 15 minutes. Fresh berries will require more freezing time (maybe about 25-30 minutes).

Finally, transfer all of the yummy fruit goodness into freezer safe containers. Freeze the dessert until you are ready to serve. TQ can eat 2 small scoops safely which measure to be about 1/4 cup or less. Most noteworthy, the fructose tolerances is different for everyone, therefore, I would start with a very small serving (1 Tablespoon) to make sure tummies stay happy. Finally, enjoy a taste of summer!




Tasty dessert! Enjoy







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