My top 5 IBS triggers

IBS triggers

Hi everyone! So, this is a little bit of a departure from talking about fructose malabsorption and food allergies. But, with TQ’s diet I have gotten relief from some of my own IBS (or irritable bowel disorder) symptoms, and my system has calmed down. Everyone has different triggers and even symptoms. For me, I got very painful cramps and diarrhea (TMI I know!) And I have targeted a few sources that will trigger my most painful symptoms.

  1. Cooked greens: I have a low iron level, so I was told by my Dr. to make sure I eat my greens to boost my iron levels. I really love greens like spinach, chard, and kale. I put them in everything from soups to sloppy joes – BUT, if I eat more than a half of cup at one time then I can guarantee some trouble the next morning. So, instead of eating a heap of creamed spinach, or sauteed spinach I do best with sprinkles of it in unexpected places. So, I will continue to add my greens in all meals – just not a ton at once.
  2.  Cooked onions and garlic: Fructose malabsorption suffers must eliminate onions from their diet. Once TQ was diagnosed, I eliminated all onions in our cooking. I noticed that my system has been much more calm without them. We use green onion tops for flavoring, and chives too. But, for the most part cooked onions have been eliminated and it’s made a difference! As for the garlic: Well, this is just sad. Again, I’ve eliminated this from our diet for the fructose malabsorption problems. I do use garlic flavored oil in cooking and that gives good flavor. I don’t miss the discomfort from eating an Italian meal! The garlic flavored oil does the trick.
  3. Beans: I don’t think this is uncommon. High fiber foods are typical IBS triggers. I tried introducing beans to my daughter’s diet as she prefers more of a vegetarian diet. But, she really doesn’t like beans. I do though! Unfortunately, everytime I tried to consume the leftover bean dishes I made for her, I was unhappy later. So, those have been unfortunately and reluctantly eliminated from our household.
  4. Grains: I don’t have trouble with all grains. But, there are a few that are insanely troublesome. Specifically farro and barley. I’ve used these in certain recipes for added nutrition but they are not for me! I don’t have trouble with gluten. I do eat gluten free quite often as TQ is allergic to wheat (also breaks down into fructose when digested = trouble for fructose malabsorption sufferers) I don’t have trouble with oats or quinoa…. so I’ll keep trying a few new ones to see what happens.
  5.  Milk: I am not lactose intolerant. I can eat cheese. But, I have trouble when I drink milk. I don’t get it. But, it’s easy for me to steer clear of milk. We tend to use Cabot cheeses exclusively at home as they are lactose free (for my son). And I really enjoy goat cheese in salads but, I’ve given up drinking milk and feel better.

So, here’s to everyone’s health. I’m always learning, things are changing…. I’m just trying to stay healthy and feed my family well. Let me know if you have any tips – would love to hear from you!


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