BLT Rolls

BLT Rolls


Hi everyone! Time for a quick lunch or light dinner. Fructose malabsorption can be tough because every meal really needs to be thought out. It’s hard to just “wing it.”  I utilized a few leftovers with this quick meal (and it really came to fruition because I had nothing prepared for the evening). I have made a bunch of different kinds of spring rolls in the past, and I sort of forgot about them until cleaning out my pantry in a panic for dinner one evening. I found a neglected container of rice papers and that inspired me to make these. Again, this is really pretty easy – the toughest thing may be working with the sticky rice paper wrappers.


Rice paper wrappers, left over cooked thin rice noodles, vegenaise, shredded lettuce, and a few leftover pieces of cooked bacon, chopped tomatoes (I omitted )



I mixed the noodles with a tablespoon or so of the vegenaise and shredded a cup or so of lettuce. If my kids ate raw tomato, I would have used that too. And it would have made for a nice colorful roll.






Dip the rice wrapper into some warm water for just a few seconds. It will become very soft and pliable. (this may take a bit of practice, the few may ball up into a nice mess 🙂  ) I dip one side, then the other then place it on a flat surface.






IMG_2621IMG_2622Spread a couple of tablespoons of noodles near the center of the wrapper, follow with a layer of shredded lettuce. Keep it stacked and in a fairly thin line. Add your bacon. I have one single piece pictured here – but it was much easier to use chopped bacon. So, give the bacon a quick chop before sprinkling on top. Add your tomatoes if using.








Roll it up as if you were rolling a burrito. I started tucking both sides followed by tightly rolling one side to the other. Cut in half and dinner or lunch is served. This kind of meal was perfect for a hot summer day.






I served our “BL” rolls with a little red cabbage, fresh herb slaw.



Enjoy your summer!

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      You can certainly change up the veggies and protein – tailor it to all sorts of tastes – then of course add a dipping sauce!


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