Fructose Malabsorption Coleslaw

Fructose Malabsorption Coleslaw

Fructose Malabsorption Coleslaw

Fructose Malabsorption Coleslaw

Hi everyone! Happy summer! Time for barbeques and picnics. Of course, it is a tough one with fructose malabsorption as many sides and sauces just don’t work. This is my go to side dish for summer. It’s so quick to make, delicious – no one will even know it meant for a special “diet”.  I didn’t even bother typing up a recipe card – it is just that easy and tailorable.



I start with green cabbage, and you can also use a little red cabbage for a gorgeous pop of color. TQ is a huge fan of cabbage, raw and cooked so I do use it quite a bit.  I like it because it’s super healthy, safe (for fructose malabsorption) and cheap! So, here we go… shred the cabbage (however much you’d like to make, single serve or the head for a party) I actually shredded this by hand because I was making a little – but the food processor makes quick work of a head.






Next, I gathered some herbs from my garden. Use what you like, they offer a fresh, bright flavor and pretty color. Today we harvested cilantro, parsley, dill, oregano, and a green top (only) of a green onion. I recruit the kids to do this – they like to pick out the flavors. And these are all chopped finely.

  • TIP! I have a really cool tip…. Fructose malabsorbers can only eat the green parts of the green onion. In the spring (when the weather and soil is warm enough)  I buy my usual pack of organic green onions and use the greens as usual, but then pop the white parts into my herb garden. They continue to grow and I have a continuous supply of onion greens all summer long!




Toss the herbs with the cabbage. Add a dash of salt and freshly ground pepper. Next, I add Vegenaise. I use this because there is no added garlic, onions, and sugar. TQ tolerates it really well so it’s the mayo in our house. (Bonus MK prefers this to regular mayo – so that says alot!) The amount will depend on how much cabbage you have. So, I start with a little (I had about 3 cups of cabbage and used 1/4 cup mayo), stir it altogether and give it a taste and you can always add more depending on your taste. And that’s it for us!

Some like coleslaw with a little sweetness in which case you can add a sprinkle of pure stevia. I had a large family bbque and used this in the coleslaw and it was a hit. (still safe for TQ)

You could also add some mustard, whole grain or dijon for a little kick. We really enjoy this with burgers or as a side with any grill meat – and we have even used it on tacos! It’s very versatile, tasty and healthy.



Thanks for visiting, happy summer!


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