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I’m a single mom, busy like we all are – two jobs, two kids, three cats…..(sorry that’s for another blog). My journey began a couple of years ago with my son (TQ) being diagnosed with oral allergy syndrome. If you have to have a food allergy, that’s the one to have! Oral allergy syndrome is a food allergy where the reaction is localized in the mouth or throat. For the most part, it hasn’t been too serious for him. If he accidentally ingests a trigger food, it is treated with an over the counter anti-histamine. (TQ’s oral allergies are raw peas, carrots, pesticides found on berries, tree nuts and celery). More information on oral allergy syndrome is here if anyone is interested – it’s rather fascinating actually. His trigger foods are related to allergies to various tree and grass pollen.

The next symptom which needed to be investigated was TQ’s constant stomach aches.  This brought us on another long journey. Long story, short (a year later…after many Mom’s-intuition diagnoses on the internet ) I made an appointment with a pediatric gastroenterologist. Another 6 months later we had discovered he was lactose intolerant- aced that test with flying colors! He must avoid all milk products. Later scored even higher on the fructose malabsorption test – TQ is the poster child for that!  But, it answered a lot of questions. At the same time, I asked the allergist to repeat a whole panel of allergy tests (it had been a couple of years since the original pollen tests) He ran the full panel and blood work panel to reveal  new allergies to all tree nuts and wheat. Interestingly, peanuts are still ok and I use those a lot in my recipes.

So, there I had all of the answers to what was causing his problems and discomfort – but no real solutions. The doctors’ suggestions are to avoid milk and milk products and stay away from fructose. Hmmmm, easier said than done! The biggest challenge is fructose malabsoption. TQ can’t digest fructose which is naturally found in all fruits and some veggies. It is surprisingly common – yet most people don’t know they have it (think IBS sufferers). More on that later…. But, how frustrating to get the answers with no solutions! I was a fish out of water, how can I cook for this guy? And did I mention I’m a bakery owner…. hehehehe- that just seems like a cruel joke. Just like all of us here, I took to the internet. I researched incessantly.  My work is always in progress, but I sure hope I can help someone else navigate this crazy journey.

As an avid cook, baker and recipe enthusiast, I have a huge collection of recipes. My goal was to make my favorite recipes work with TQ’s new diet. So, most of my recipes are gluten free, lactose free (or I use lactose free cheese) and FODMAP friendly. I am happy to go into more detail regarding any of restrictions if my audience interested. I use little tricks that I’ve learned along the way, and of course, I’m still learning. Most of these recipes are TQ approved – some are even MK approved! MK is my uber picky eater – if I can make a recipe that she eats then I’m sure your whole family will love it! She’s actually my toughest challenge 🙂 Thanks again for visiting and I hope we can learn some things together.

Here’s to our health ~ Karina, TQ and MK

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